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The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug ~ An Abomination

Hello, everyone! I finally managed to get myself to the theatre to see 'The Desolation of Smaug'! As most of you probably remember, I pretty much hated the first 'Hobbit' movie. Well, this one is even worse! Congratulation Peter Jackson, you outdid yourself. Your selfish, egotistical direction style has managed to absolutely destroy the middle section of the beloved Hobbit story. Let's get started on the details shall we?

First! I know this has been talked about by everyone, but the High Frame Rate! It's distracting and clunky. I'm my opinion, it make everyone look like they were moving ever so slightly in fast forward. Also, it generally made the film quality look like a made-for-TV movie. I watched the first Hobbit in 2D so this was my first encounter with this laborious beast. They never should have done it.

Second, the Hobbit feet. WHY WHY WHY? Why did they make his feet swollen to a comical, ridiculous level? They are meant to be hairy and tough, not t…

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

So as I'm sure you noticed from the trailer above, they are making another 'Planet of the Apes' movie! It is the sequel to the James Franco one that came out a few years back. I, personally, have always loved all the 'Planet of the Apes' movies and I even enjoyed the most recent one! It will be an exciting adventure, if nothing else! I'm pretty sure I'm biased to like this movie but it looks good to me! What do you think?


I have another trailer for everyone! This one is a new Johnny Depp movie where he isn't wearing a lot of make-up. Gasp! It looks mind bendy, Sci-Fi, and a bit thriller-y. Here is the trailer.

I think it looks interesting and fun! There appears to be the moral debate over AI which is always interesting. I'm not sure whats up with the end of the trailer when everything starts dissolving. They better have a good explanation for how a computer can just start to dissolve stuff. All in all, it looks like it'll probably be all right!


So I found this trailer and I thought it was kinda cute!

Since it's around Christmas I am giving myself a blog break. So, it's just the trailer today!

The Book Thief ~ Beautiful

Yesterday, the roads were finally clear enough to get to the movie theatre. I decided to watch 'The Book Thief'. Boy was I glad I made that choice! You might recall that I blogged about 'The Book Theif' several months ago. At that time I hadn't read the book but the trailer was enough to get my curiosity running and I have read it now! It's good to know your source material wouldn't you say? Let's get started!

This movie is absolutely gorgeous. The visuals are simply stunning! Indoors or outdoors, it doesn't matter. All the little details and World War II era gadgets pull you right back in time. What I'm trying to say is that the sets, costumes, and cinematography are absolutely perfect! Not only are they perfect, but they are also exactly how I pictured them from the book. So they are accurate to the story as well! Very, very good!

The acting is also masterfully done. Geoffrey Rush is such a class act, yet somehow I am still surprised by his s…


So check this trailer out.

Can we just talk about how heartwarming this is? I mean, obviously the wife dying isn't heartwarming but the paternal connection certainly is! It just looks so very intense, which will hopefully be good. It will be a bit difficult watching because it's Paul Walker. Post mortem movies always have that certain grim feel. We shall see!

It's a short but sweet post today! Talk to you all again soon!

Robot and Frank ~ Charming and Simple

Last night I snuggled in with a cup of cocoa and watched 'Robot and Frank'. I first blogged about the trailer over a year ago, here. Finally, it came out on Netflix instant so I could give it a watch!

'Robot and Frank' is a movie about an aging man whose son gives him an assistance robot. It's set slightly in the future where aid robots are more commonplace. Frank is having problems with his memory so he needs someone, or something, there to make sure he doesn't get confused or lost. One of the things I like about this film is that even though he had trouble with his memory, he was still very smart and capable in most areas of his life.

Frank is very resistant to the robot but begins to see the silver lining when he realized that the robot doesn't have any programming that prohibits him from breaking the law. You see, Frank is a retired high-end cat burglar. Now that Frank has the help of his new robot friend, he is able to come out of retirement and pull so…

Muppets Most Wanted

All right everyone! It's time to watch the new Muppet trailer. Here we go!

It looks great and fantastic and I can't wait! The previous Muppet movie, 'The Muppets', I despised. It was depressing and lame. This one looks like it has the right feel! That fabulous Muppet feeling is very hard to beat.

I want to say one thing. If you aren't into Muppet movies, I am so sorry. Apparently your childhood was wrong. Hopefully, one day you will learn to love them!

The cast looks fantastic! In case you didn't recognize him, Tom Hiddleston was definitely in that trailer! The idea of Hiddleston in a Muppets movie makes me giggle. Naturally, there were far too many actors to mention them all by name but it looks like a great line-up. Except Galifianakis. I don't know why anyone let him withing twenty yards of a children's movie.

Basically, I can't wait! Everything about it looks perfect! Hopefully it will breeze right in and take a seat of honor among the other Mu…

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' and 'World War Z'

Hello movie watchers. I have been contentedly viewing movies this week and I am going to go over the two main ones! Neither movie is jaw-droppingly amazing but they are both fun little romps.

First is the new 'Hunger Games' movie, 'Catching Fire'. If you are a book purist and are eager for an accurate book to movie translation, you will be very pleased! Everything is very accurate, the storyline is true to the book, and what is removed is simply for time. If you like the book, I'd imagine you will enjoy the movie. If you've never read the book you will probably be a bit surprised about the regurgitated story. The second 'Hunger Games' story is a very close mirror of the first one. There are several scenes that are practically identical to the first movie. Because of this fact the movie was a bit 'meh' for me. However well done it was couldn't make up for the cookie cutter story line. That, and the fact that I did get a bit tired of watching …


Today I have a trailer. It's for a movie about Noah's Ark. I'm not really saying that it will be good or bad. Frankly, I'm just saying, "Hey look, this exists!"

I do love the idea of Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins together. It just looks so dramatic! I don't even know it that's good or bad. I'm a bit stunned I think, that they even decided to make this movie. I mean, we all know exactly what happens. If they change anything, there will be angry people. If they stay true, I would think that it would be boring. I don't know how you can spice up 40 days and 40 nights of rain. I suppose they could have scenes of tension and cabin fever. Also, they seem to show a mob of people trying to get on the boat like it's going to be some great battle scene. Spoiler, they don't take the boat. It's not that exciting.

 What do you think? Watch or skip?

UPDATE: Would you like to know more about religious movies coming out this year? Check out this…

The Reluctant Fundamentalist ~ A New Perspective

Hello all! As you may remember, some time ago I posted the trailer for 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist'. Finally, it managed to get to the top of my Netflix que. Yesterday I made a pot of tea and snuggled in to watch it!

For those of you that don't know, 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' is the story of a young, ambitious, Pakistani man who had recently started his new job at a Wall Street company when the Towers fell in New York. Bad timing to say the least! The movie is a retelling. The star character, Changez, is explaining his life story to a reporter (Liev Schreiber) in a café in Pakistan. Throughout the movie there are many little twists and turns which result in an interesting viewing experience.

The story is thought-provoking, chilling, at times heartwarming, and at times terribly sad. There is a nice balance. The primary draw is the 'Walk a mile in someone elses's shoes' effect. This movie certainly delivers! I think this film will give you the tinie…

Three Promising Trailers

Happy Saturday! Today I come laden with trailers. These trailers, at first glance, seem rather generic but if you watch them all the way to the end I think you'll find your curiosity stirring within you. That's what happened to me anyway. I hope you will feel the same.

First is 'How I Live Now'. This trailer starts out looking like a commonplace Indie flick and then there is a serious tonal change. Let's take a look shall we?

At first I was very confused by how it looked modern day and the war references didn't make sense. I did a little digging and this movie is based off a novel about an American going to Britain just as a war breaks out. It looks interesting to say the least! As long as there isn't too much angsty teenage romance that is. All I know is that the trailer drew me in. If it proves to be good is yet to be seen.

Next, is 'Winter's Tale'. This one starts out looking like a common Chick Flick Romance movie and then BLAM! Plot twist. E…

Thor: The Dark World ~ A Smashing Good Time

Today the new 'Thor' movie hit the theatres. I, being the nerd I am, hastened to see what adventures and perils awaited Thor and the gang. All in all, I enjoyed myself!

This movie succeeds because of the cast/characters. They are all gold and the chemistry is delicious! Even when the world is crashing down around their ears, there is humor and wit. I appreciate that! The interactions between Loki and Thor are simply perfect.

The story itself is slow to start. It's worth it though, in my opinion. There is a lot of groundwork to lay out and it takes some time. Once things get going it doesn't slow down! You get to see a lot more of Asgard and Thor's world in general which is a very nice treat. The part that is on Earth is all set in London which adds a certain international element. The villains were Dark Elves which were surprisingly creepy! I literally shivered once. Their pure darkness was enough to make Loki seem like a beacon of light.

I want to take a moment at…

Two Duds ~ 'Now You See Me' and 'The Great Gatsby'

Hello movie world! Today I have two movies that I think should be skipped entirely. This is for the people who are waiting for things to come out on DVD. I did that, too, and I wasted a few Netflix shipments on these mongrels.

First, is 'Now You See Me'. This movie is bang-your-head-against the-wall boring, completely flat in character and plot development, and sadly filled with good actors shelling out cheap, hollow acting. It's not even exciting! You just watch, essentially, the same heist go down three times broken up by a boring monologue in between that explains things. It's like a puzzle for dummies! They don't even give you enough time to become confused before they show you all the answers. This, paired with the fact that any major twists are either seriously predictable, or such cop-outs that they are groan-worthy, makes 'Now You See Me' an obvious skip. Just don't waste your time!

Second is 'The Great Gatsby'. If you are a book purist, …

'Philomena' and 'One Chance'

Hello all! I have two interesting trailers for you today. They are both based on true stories and they are both British in origin. I have a good feeling about them!

First is 'Philomena'. It contains Dame Judi Dench so you can commence your excitement now! Let's take a peak at the trailer shall we?

It's very promising! It looks well done all the way around plus the story is intriguing, at least for me. I hope it ends well. If it's a nice heartwarming ending I think I'll like it substantially more then if it were to be tragic! That's really the thick and thin of it. I have high hopes!

Second is 'One Chance'. This movie looks so inspiring! Part of my initial positive reaction was the cast. James Cordon AKA Craig from Doctor Who is the star and his father is played by Colm Meaney who will always be O'Brien from 'Star Trek the Next Generation'. Here is the trailer!

Sometimes you just feel like an uplifting movie and I think 'One Chance'…

American Hustle

Good morning everyone! Today I have a trailer. I don't really know what I think about this one. I've been sitting on it for a couple days trying to decide if I want to blog it or not. Obviously, I decided to go for it! The trailer is for a movie called 'American Hustle'.

The cast is so eclectic! Jenifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner. They are all so good in such different ways! Cooper, Bale, Renner, and Lawrence I absolutely adore! Just thinking about them all on screen together makes me want to squeal like a teenage fan-girl. Frankly, the idea of them all together just seems like a massive, glorious, charisma bomb.
Let's take a look at the trailer now.

It just looks so well done! I can't help myself! I definitely see potential for failure in that trailer but I also see potential for fabulous greatness! I don't know which way it will go. I do know that I was similarly apprehensive about 'Silver Linings Playbook&…

The Fifth Estate ~ A Mind Game

'The Fifth Estate' or as I have been calling it 'The Assange Wikileaks' movie. It came out this weekend and curiosity got the best of me. There was no way I wasn't going to see this movie opening day. I feel like there are an incredible amount of angles with which we could look with this film. It's such a complex topic. I am going to look at it piece by piece.

Storyline first. It's what's most important. The plot is very engrossing. I found myself very interested in what was happening. It doesn't start at the founding of the Wikileaks site but in fact just maybe six or eight months before the big massive leak that happened a few years back. I feel like I have to mention that it is a thinking movie. I could see someone getting bored or confused. That being said, I wasn't ever bored or confused. I did however seriously wonder how accurate it was. Not because it struck me as inaccurate (though there were many moments where I suspected slander) but …


It's a beautiful fall morning and I have a very charming looking trailer for today. The name of the movie is 'Belle' it's a Period Piece, and is set in England. It's based on a true story. Let's take a look shall we?

It looks well done, gorgeous, and thought provoking. All things that I heartily appreciate in a good film. The story is quite unique and I find myself curious about how it will end. The feel of the trailer reminds me of the movie 'Amazing Grace' which tackles a somewhat different angle on the same general topic. If it's anything like that then this will be a good movie!

I can't help but chuckle at the presence of Tom Felton. The Draco Malfoy actor from 'Harry Potter' always seems to play the bad guy. It's a shame really. I'd love to see him play a hero.

All in all, I was charmed just enough by this trailer for me to decide to share it with everyone. I'm rather looking forward to seeing it!

Captain Phillips ~ Magnificent

It's that kind of day again! 'Captain Phillips' has been released, I have rushed out to see it at the very first showing, and now I have plenty to say about it! You may remember that I guessed that it would be pretty great when I blogged about the trailer. Well, I wasn't disappointed, let me put it that way!

'Captain Phillips', as you may already know, is a movie about the real life events that happened a few years back when the Somali Pirates attacked and captured an American freighter. You might remember the story being pasted all over the news. If you followed the story, you probably already know how it ends. That doesn't matter at all. This movie is gripping, chilling, and in some strange way, beautiful. I grew attached to so many character very quickly! Every single scene has you holding your breath, fully involved in what is happening on screen. Truly, when the scene of the pirates boarding the ship came on screen, it was the quietest I've ever he…

Three Wild Cards

Hello, movie lovers! I have three trailers today. They are all incredibly different but they have something in common. The trailers intrigue me but I just can't decide whether or not I think they will be good. Three wild cards.

First I have 'The Railway Man'. Trailer first.

All right. So, it definitely piques my interest but it has the possibility to be so dark. I certain level of darkness is bound to be present but I hope they leave a lot to the imagination. The fact that it is based on a true story, naturally, makes me want to see it ten times more then if it were not. Sadly, I couldn't find a movie rating on the Internet. If it's 'R' we are probably in for some grit and torture. I'm pretty sure curiosity is going to get the best of me, I'll let you know the aftermath!

Next, we have 'Last Days On Mars'. Yes, it's a Sci-Fi movie set on Mars. It's an "Oh no, we aren't alone" running screaming sort of movie. Normally, I …

The Family ~ Too Much

Yesterday, I bopped down to the movie theatre and watched 'The Family'. As you may remember, I was pretty excited about this one. Well, it was underwhelming to say the least. I was expecting a relatively lighthearted comedy that skipped on the line of a Dark Comedy. 'The Family' was more than I bargained for. It was a full fledged Dark Comedy (and I take that word 'Comedy' lightly) that flirted heavily with being gritty. It just went too far.

The story was promising, but it was executed poorly. Instead of following this Ex-Mafia family as they tried to fit in and assume a normal life. What we actually get is to see them brutally, and I mean brutally, maim and torture countless innocent civilians for little to no reason. I understand that it's a Dark Comedy, and violence can be done with an air of comedy, this wasn't that. They just kept going. For example: The daughter starts hitting some boy who was making a pass at her. Okay, that can be funny I guess…