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DISNEYLAND 2007!!!!!

This last week, May 13 through 17, I was in Disneyland, California! We flew into John Wayne airport and settled into our hotel room in time to see a WONDERFUL fireworks show out our window above Disneyland!

Early the next morning we used our early admittance tickets and entered the park an hour early! That was a fun filled day as we hit every ride we wanted including The Indiana Jones ride three times, The Pirates of the Caribbean ride two times, and many others! We were fortunate that they opened Splash Mountain the day we arrived when we had read that it would be closed, a happy surprise!

Another Happy surprise was seeing crewmen setting up the set where Pirates of the Caribbean will Premiere, on May 19.

The next day we went to Disney's California Adventure where we enjoyed Elevators that dropped ten floors (we rode that twice), and many very very fast roller-coasters! We ended this day with a water rafting ride that COMPLETELY drenched my Mom... hilarious. : ) All in good fun.

On …