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It's BRITISH Time!

Hello all! Today I am going to be discussing British Mini-Series'. When I say British, I am taking that lightly. I pretty much considered anything with accents, set in the UK. Naturally, I hope to choose shows actually made there but a few American made ones may have snuck through.

It would be very easy to jump in with 'Downton Abby' or 'North and South' but I am trying for things off the beaten path. Also, saying, "Downton Abby is good!' is like saying, "One needs air to breath!". It's obvious and understood by all.

I am going to start with 'Horatio Hornblower'. 'Horatio Hornblower' is set in the early 1800's upon various naval ships. The story follows Horatio on his journey through the British naval ranks. We see countless battles, sword fighting, spying, mutiny, and everything else you could want from a decent adventure at sea. It is INCREDIBLY addicting. I found myself watching several episodes a night and caring deeply…

Red Dawn

A few minutes ago I found the 'Red Dawn' trailer and realised that it comes out tomorrow. My first thought was that it is incredibly appropriate right now, after the election, with everyone talking and thinking in a more extreme way than usual. I have overheard people around town and at the supermarket talking about this sort of situation and variables there of. Also, it will be released the day before Thanksgiving. The day when we think on the very beginning of our time here on this continent and give thanks. I guess I just think that the timing is gold for this sort of movie. Here is the trailer before I type any more.

It might be cheesy but my first though was, "So, Thor is American now?". All kidding aside I am hoping with all my strength that this is well done and good! The premise reminds me of the Daniel Craig movie 'Defiance'. Two brothers, father killed, trying to start a guerrilla warfare defense for the forest. Honestly, I am thinking we might have…

Oz the Great and Powerful

New day, new trailer!

 You may or may not have heard that there is a new adaptation of "The Wizard of Oz" coming out soon(ish). I have, and I would like to say a few things to say about it. Right out the gate I want to touch on James Franco. Personally, I feel like James Franco has been going downhill on the 'Quality Acting' scale and skyrocketing the 'I think you are a creeper' scale. Just know, that there was a time when he was very highly ranked on my male actor charts, I thought he was going places, but he kind of petered out. Throw in those weird Tweets and we have a floundering creeper actor by the name of James Franco. Now they take Franco and mix him with 'The wizard of Oz'. I never really liked the books or original movie growing up. The monkeys scared me and I didn't like to think about people existing and living without a heart or brain. Now Hollywood decides to throw together two things I don't really care for? Hello 'Oz the Gr…