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'Day of the Falcon' and 'Quartet'

Happy Sunday, everyone! I have two trailers today! Lately, I have been going over, primarily, well known movies and I want to give fair attention to the understated and more thoughtful films as well. I have a good feeling about both these movies. They are very dissimilar in every way except that they will be thought provoking. So, put your thinking cap on!

I am going to start with 'Day of the Falcon'. As far as I can tell this movie used to be called 'Black Gold' and has already been released in France in 2011. I guess it takes longer then I thought for movies to hop the pond! But no matter. It's coming out this year in the U.S. The movie is set in the 1930's at the beginning of the oil boom in the Middle-East. My first reservation is Antonio Banderas, because he is not a very consistent actor. He is a very wide-swinging pendulum on the quality scale. I'm hoping he is swinging in the good direction for this movie. Besides that, it looks beautiful, dramatic,…

Three Movies ~ One Actor

All right, I have decided to express my affection for Jamie Bell. I have seen several of his movies but there are three that stand out in my memory.  Ever since I first encountered him years ago I have been highly interested in how his career turns out.  I've never been disappointed with any of his performances! He is always convincing, emotionally gripping, and funny in an understated way. I hope all the best for him in the future! Now to talk about movies.

I am going to go through these chronologically, so first is 'Nicholas Nickleby'.  If you know your literature you probably recognize the title. 'Nicolas Nickleby' is based on the book by Charles Dickens. Naturally, that means the story is bleak, grey, and somehow uplifting. There is an awful lot of crying paired with an awful lot of laughing. This is one of my go-to girl movies. Not super girlie, I know! The movie follow Nicholas as he copes with his father's death and the new responsibility of caring for h…

'B' and 'B'

'Brave' and 'Bernie'! Two movies that are similar in no way. Except, of course, they both start with 'B' and they have both been nominated for awards this year. As I'm sure you can guess, I am very excited about awards season. I am developing a mild case of Oscar frenzy. I want my favorites to win! In preparation, naturally, I have been watching a lot of the movies I have seen pop up at the awards shows that have already happened. I would have gotten around to them eventually, but the timing is too good!

First is 'Brave'! I have wanted to see this movie since the moment I heard is was going to exist. I love Disney-Pixar and their movies together. I'm a child at heart and I'm not sorry! Netflix took its sweet time getting 'Brave' sent to my mailbox but I finally saw it.  Boy was it more then I ever expected! I hadn't really looked into it that much. I saw the words Pixar and I knew I would watch it so there wasn't any reason to…


It's Saturday morning and I'm ready for another post! Today we have 'RED 2'. *Cheers and applause*!! I am going to assume you saw the first RED, (If you haven't, you need to make that your priority right now. Watch it several times, in fact.) and I'm going to assume you loved it. Like I did! Just in case you have NO IDEA what I am talking about, 'RED' stands for Retired and Extremely Dangerous. It's a comedy/action movie staring Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and more and more cool people. Now back on topic! 'RED 2'. Trailer first.

I am so excited! John Malkovich's character cracks my up with almost every word! That first clip in the store is gold! "You haven't killed anyone in MONTHS!" So great. Helen Mirren looks to be doing a smashing job, yet again. Mary-Luise Parker is the perfect balance to all the cold killers. And of course, Bruce Willis appears to be fantastic. So they have the whole gang together, for…

Jack the Giant Slayer

Hello everyone! Today's point of interest is 'Jack the Giant Slayer'! If you've read my previous post you'll know a bit of how I feel about these kinds of movies. Generally speaking, when Hollywood takes classic children's stories and tries to make them hardcore they fail. Not always, mind you! I am looking at this one for two reasons: Ewan McGregor, and the fact that the trailer actually looks kinda good. Let's look at the trailer before I go any farther.

Not bad right? It's not taking itself too seriously and I also don't see signs of EXTREME silliness. Which is good. The dialog sounds whitty and the overall look is charming and whimsical. I love Ewan McGregor's hair, it's kinda Pompadour-y. McGregor's character looks hilarious: The silly, overconfident knight in shining armor. I may be biased, I have always favored him as an actor. Also, we have Stanley Tucci, whose movies I haven't always loved but his characters have always bee…

The Comeback Kids

Today we are going to look into a couple of movie franchises that just keep coming back! Very rarely, it seems, people truly adore the 3rd, 4th, or even 5th installment of a movie series. The only exception might be when the series is based off of books, I suppose. Lately, we just keep seeing movies from over a decade ago suddenly pop up with another new installment. Indiana Jones 4 anyone? It's cause for concern.

Let's get the ball rolling with 'A Good Day to Die Hard'. This movie isn't trying to span too large a time gap, the last one was in 07' with 'Live Free or Die Hard'. If you were a fan of the 'Die Hard' series before 07' then you were probably disappointed when that movie came out. In my opinion it fell short of my expectations. Part of the problem was the 'PG-13' rating, the movie felt like it was wearing a leash. I am not some violence junkie, but when the 4th movie in a series is suddenly 'PG-13' when all the other…

Les Misérables

The music isn't the only notable aspect though! The costumes, sets, cinematography, and acting are all impressively displayed from open to close. Each character finds their way right to the middle of your heart right off the bat. The scenery is beautiful and the clothes are top notch. Both of these aspects were made even more impressive by the cinematography! All in all, the technical aspect is all fabulous.

As if the movie needed more reasons to be watched, there is the story itself! I knew very little of the story when I sat down in the theatre. I'm sure that my ignorance heightened the experience for me. I'll admit, I cried periodically all through the movie with a grand sobbing finale at the end, as well as all through the drive home. The story stabs right to the core. I don't want to have any spoilers for anyone who doesn't know the story so I can't say much more than: The story is touching, engrossing, beautiful, sad, and most of all, inspiring! I'll…

Do You Want To Go For A Walk?

Movies about people walking. Some people hate them, some like them, and some wonder why they even exist. Naturally, I haven't seen every one but I generally enjoy watching them. There are two epic trek movies that stand out in my memory. Because they're amazing! Today, we talk about walking!

First up is 'The Way'. 'The Way' is about a man named Tom walking the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage. I had no idea what that was until I saw the movie. It is this massive hike through France and Spain that people do for various reasons, from health to spiritual cleansing. Tom is walking the Camino in respect to his recently deceased son who died while on the trail. Through the hike Tom learns a great deal about life, humanity, and countless other things. Besides being emotionally and mentally stimulating this movie is also breathtakingly beautiful. How could it not, really? There are few places said to be more beautiful then the countrysides of France and Spain. I have alre…