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Sleepwalk With Me

As you may know, several months ago I blogged about the trailer for 'Sleepwalk With Me'. After having watched it yesterday, I wanted to amend my views about it. 'Sleepwalk With Me' is a movie about a man who is trying to be a comedian and is having second thoughts about a girlfriend. Sadly for him, his entire family is hoping he'll marry his girlfriend. At the very beginning of the movie he develops a chronic sleepwalking problem which, naturally, is very present throughout the film. This is one of those movies where the trailer is probably better than the actual movie. Even though it is advertised as an off beat comedy I found it to be a demoralizing drama. Comical scenes were few and far between! Mostly you have a sad, meek, man who is to afraid to change anything about his life even though he is unhappy. I think the movie makers were trying to make some statement about the futility of life, which is their prerogative, but it's not an enjoyable movie. Once t…

Star Trek: Into Darkness

The time has come to talk about 'Star Trek'.  Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the previous 'Star Trek' and I am hoping for a legit encore performance!  Here is the trailer I will be discussing.

It looks pretty good right? I find very little to criticize and plenty to be happy about. The exception is one simple, tiny, part of the trailer. Checkov is wearing a red shirt. They better not kill him. Seriously, he is one of my favorite characters, I would probably cry. Moving on... Besides that I see fabulous graphics, vivid shots of Chris Pine's blue eyes (if you've got 'em, flaunt 'em.), and general 'Star Trek'-y awesomeness! We do have a few shots of our new villain, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. The identity of Cumberbatch's character isn't revealed as of yet. I've heard whisperings of Khan around. For every 'Khan' whisper there is a 'It's definitely NOT Khan' whisper so I'm not yet sure. We also know that Za…

Maybe Yes Maybe No

I have found two trailers that intrigue me enough to write about them. I'm not sure whether they will be good but I'm just so curious about them!

First we have 'Warm Bodies'. Let's watch the trailer first.

So, before I get started, I want to say that I have a horrible fear of zombies. I have ever since I was a little kid. Over time I have tried to face my fear to cure myself with 'Shawn of the Dead' and 'Zombieland'. I thought that if I saw the funniest ones I might get braver. Honestly, I'm still freaked out about them, so the fact that I am considering this movie is a really big deal! Okay, back to business. My first though is, "Summit is making this? So they ran out of vampire and werewolf love stories so now we are trying zombies on for size?" Not the best impression though soon I am intrigued. The presence of John Malkovich is encouraging, but his movies aren't always gold. Admit it though, you're curious. I'm hoping t…

The Hobbit ~ Beware!

I saw the first installment of the 'Hobbit' trilogy opening day yesterday. I was greatly saddened. It. Is. Bad. So bad that I wish I hadn't seen it. So bad, that I don't think I will waste my time on any of the future installments. Peter Jackson took a wonderful, complete, enjoyable story and adulterated it nearly beyond recognition. Now, before you think I am just a purist who despises change, I'm not! Yes, I read all the 'Lord of the Rings' books as well as 'The Hobbit' growing up, and I understand that things change when you are translating a story from book to movie. This went beyond that. I have many specific problems.

First, they added Radagast the brown wizard. Why in the heck of all creation would someone think that was a good idea? Let's add a totally unnecessary character and side plot that only confuses the audience and draws away from the real focus! It was terrible from every angle. His costume was tacky, his actions and presence we…

'Skyfall' and 'Red Dawn'

'Skyfall' and 'Red Dawn' are both movies that I wrote about before they were released and I guessed they would be great. After having seen both of them I am going to touch on them again, starting with 'Skyfall'.

'Skyfall', the new Bond movie. Wow. I will start with 2 thumbs up! I saw it with three other people and the general consensus was that this might be the best Bond to date. It's that good. It was jam packed with fantastic scenes! There were several immense explosions, hand to hand combat, high stress gunfights, and even a car chase or two! Javier Bardem knocks it out of the park as the villain! I absolutely loved him! He played the perfect balance between cold and calculated vs. light hearted and almost jovial. Unlike 'Quantom of Solice', I could actually follow the plot without constantly feeling like I was probably missing something, or spending way too much brain power. Another major bonus for me is that it was primarily set in Lon…

It's BRITISH Time!

Hello all! Today I am going to be discussing British Mini-Series'. When I say British, I am taking that lightly. I pretty much considered anything with accents, set in the UK. Naturally, I hope to choose shows actually made there but a few American made ones may have snuck through.

It would be very easy to jump in with 'Downton Abby' or 'North and South' but I am trying for things off the beaten path. Also, saying, "Downton Abby is good!' is like saying, "One needs air to breath!". It's obvious and understood by all.

I am going to start with 'Horatio Hornblower'. 'Horatio Hornblower' is set in the early 1800's upon various naval ships. The story follows Horatio on his journey through the British naval ranks. We see countless battles, sword fighting, spying, mutiny, and everything else you could want from a decent adventure at sea. It is INCREDIBLY addicting. I found myself watching several episodes a night and caring deeply…

Red Dawn

A few minutes ago I found the 'Red Dawn' trailer and realised that it comes out tomorrow. My first thought was that it is incredibly appropriate right now, after the election, with everyone talking and thinking in a more extreme way than usual. I have overheard people around town and at the supermarket talking about this sort of situation and variables there of. Also, it will be released the day before Thanksgiving. The day when we think on the very beginning of our time here on this continent and give thanks. I guess I just think that the timing is gold for this sort of movie. Here is the trailer before I type any more.

It might be cheesy but my first though was, "So, Thor is American now?". All kidding aside I am hoping with all my strength that this is well done and good! The premise reminds me of the Daniel Craig movie 'Defiance'. Two brothers, father killed, trying to start a guerrilla warfare defense for the forest. Honestly, I am thinking we might have…

Oz the Great and Powerful

New day, new trailer!

 You may or may not have heard that there is a new adaptation of "The Wizard of Oz" coming out soon(ish). I have, and I would like to say a few things to say about it. Right out the gate I want to touch on James Franco. Personally, I feel like James Franco has been going downhill on the 'Quality Acting' scale and skyrocketing the 'I think you are a creeper' scale. Just know, that there was a time when he was very highly ranked on my male actor charts, I thought he was going places, but he kind of petered out. Throw in those weird Tweets and we have a floundering creeper actor by the name of James Franco. Now they take Franco and mix him with 'The wizard of Oz'. I never really liked the books or original movie growing up. The monkeys scared me and I didn't like to think about people existing and living without a heart or brain. Now Hollywood decides to throw together two things I don't really care for? Hello 'Oz the Gr…

Mes Trois Films Français Préférés

Hello all! I have decided to let you know my three favorite French films. I don't really know why, but I watch a LOT of foreign movies. I could list all the countries but it would be a long, boring list. I have studied the French language for more than 4 years so I have a special soft spot for French language films. There are three that stand out in my memory and I want to recommend them to the world!

First is "Le Papillion" (The Butterfly)

I absolutely adore this movie! It is the story of a slightly grumpy man who, against his wishes, ends up trekking through the French countryside in search of a rare butterfly! Throughout the story you get so very attached to both the characters. Through the ups and downs of their adventure you see them grow attached to one another. Think Disney-Pixar's "Up". It's a similar dynamic. All in all it is a beautiful, heartfelt movie that I would recommend!

Second is "Heartbreaker".

"Heartbreaker" is a r…


Last night I saw 'Taken 2'. I'm not going to talk about that movie because it pretty much delivers exactly as advertised: Fast paced, shooting, explosions, and car chases! Lot's of fun. This post is about one of the trailers I found before the movie started. 'Argo.' I, and I think most people, am very excited when I find a movie that is remotely unique in this world of sequels. I have the distinct feeling that 'Argo' could be fantastic! Here is the trailer then I will discuss a little more.

The first thing I want to say is that I love movie's that are based on true stories. This one is also historically relevant so it's a double whammy. Also, it's set far enough back in time that the set design and clothes etc. will throw a new atmosphere on the whole thing. It's hard to tell from trailers but it LOOKS like Ben Affleck is doing legitimate acting as well, which is always good. To pull all these perks together, the story is just quirky eno…

Three Movies ~ One Director

Today I would like to talk a bit about Lasse Hallström. I don't know how it is in other households but in mine, Lasse Hallström, is a well known name. I think fondly of the beautiful, artistic, and unique movie's of his I have seen. For those of you that don't know, he is a director. I haven't seen all his work, but there are three that stand out that I have seen. The first is 'Chocolat'. I feel like most people have at least heard of this movie if not seen it. A charming story of a chocolatier and her many adventures in a small French town. It's very reminiscent of Babette's Feast' if you have every seen that. "Chocolat' has a whimisical dancing feel that makes it a joy to watch over and over again.

The Second film is 'An Unfinished Life'. This is my personal favorite of his, in part because the lead actor is Robert Redford. The story of two old men who have been friends for decades who suddenly have to care for Redfords youn…

The Hobbit: Scared or excited?

All right people. As most everyone knows Mr. Peter Jackson is tackling 'The Hobbit'. I, along with many others, am confused as to whether we should be happy or sad about this. I must admit, at first I was giddy to hear that my favorite childhood book was finally getting a movie adaptation. Soon after we fans were slapped with the news that is was to be split in two parts. Now we know it's going to be split in three and I feel like someone sucker punched me. Why do you hate me Jackson? If you saw fit to cram all of 'Return on the King' into one film you should do me the courtesy of not splicing 'The Hobbit'! Not only does the split sting of greed, both in the box office and in DVD sales, but it will darken all replay value. Honestly, it it were one nice movie one could watch it on a drippy winter evening. In three pieces you are forced to throw a marathon every time you feel a little hobbit-ish! It's insanity.

I am not even going to start on the fact tha…


In sharp contrast to my last post, I have the brand new "Skyfall" Trailer! Bigger and badder than the teaser we have been limping along with, we now have 2.5 mins of Bond action to get us excited. It is hard to tell from trailers, but it seems as though they are getting back to that fabulous "Casino Royal" feel. As we all know, that second one was a bit of a dud. I mean, it was a solidly made film but it was altogether too twisty to be any fun to watch. I must admit, when Q says "silenced PPK" I squeal like a little fan girl every time! So here we have it, the new trailer.

UPDATE: I have since seen 'Skyfall' and written a review.

Upcoming Underdogs

Alright people! I decided to share a few movies that are coming out soon(ish) that I think will be winners. Naturally this wouldn't be any fun at all if I showed you big budget, big name, movies that someone, somewhere, is aleady waiting in line to see at midnight. No, no. These are the quiet movies. coming up first is "Robot and Frank". You have to watch the trailer all the way to the end because midway through there is a drastic change in atmosphere.

Obviously, I haven't yet seen this but "Robot and Frank"  is definitly on my 'watch' list.

The other movie I want to highlight is "Sleepwalk With Me". I think that this quirky comedy just might have what it takes to be a legit comedy. By legit comedy I mean 5 months after you watch it you still remember the title, and *gasp* perhaps even watch it a second time.

You be the judge. do these films look like winners to you?

UPDATE: I have since seen 'Sleepwalk with Me' and written a revie…

Life in a Day

I watched the documentary 'Life in a Day' yesterday and I just have to reccomend it! When I first started it I was a bit warry to watch a giant youtube compilation. I soon got over that concern! Seriously, it was breathtaking and touching and great. The movie works through the day looking at every moment like tiny miracles, which they are! Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out there. :)

A New Leaf

I know that I haven't been on here for quite some time. That's because I have been incredibly busy! It feels like I have been making major life changing decisions nearly every day for months. Thankfully that has started to calm down. By calm down it really means heat up though! I will be leaving on my trip to Quebec is less than two weeks. I am incredibly excited about this! I have many more tidbits of news but I expect I will have them posted later on, once they are a bit more concrete. As per usual, I will leave you with a song!