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Happy Saturday everybody! Today I have a trailer for a suspense/thriller/drama. 'Prisoners'. Let's watch.

Now, I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this one. Frankly, if they have something garish happen to small children I'm out. If they are just trapped somewhere, I'll be fine. If they are tortured in any way then no, not cool Hollywood!

It looks like they are going to have a lot of moral dilemma's. How far are you willing to go to rescue your children? Most parents will say that they will do anything for their kids, but to they mean it? I think this movie will be interesting, and very emotional.

I absolutely love the idea of Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Terrence Howard all in the same movie. I am very excited to see how they work off of each other. Of course, the fact that Gyllenhaal's character is named "Detective Loki" cracks me up. It seems like a joke or something! Jackman and Howard look like they are going to flex their dramati…


I have a bit of a different review today. I have just finished watching 'Once', a modern Irish musical set in Dublin. The movie is about an Irish street musician/vacuum repairman who meets a Czech woman. This Czech woman and Irish man develop a friendship and decide to record a demo album for the Irish man to take to London so he can try and make it big time! It's an incredibly real story with many charmingly human moments.

The movie is considered a musical. They sing plenty of full songs throughout the film. These songs relate how they are feeling and aid in the story progression. What sets this one apart is that when they sing it makes sense. They don't break into song in a coffee shop and have a big dance number. They will be sitting in the studio singing the song while working on writing it. Because of this shift in style I honestly forgot about the fact that is was a musical even though they were singing all the time! It just felt like a movie about musicians.


A Hijacking

First things first, this is my 100th blog post! Exciting moment! Okay, moving on.

Today I want to talk about the movie 'A Hijacking'. When I first saw this trailer I immediately connected it with 'Captain Phillips' in my mind. Both are about Somali Pirates and both involve a hostage situation on a cargo vessel. When I wrote about 'Captain Phillips' I was very excited! Now we have 'A Hijacking' and an obvious compare and contrast ensues.

I have never understood why, periodically, two movies that are shockingly similar both come out at the same time. Recently we have had 'White House Down' and Olympus Has Fallen', even the titles are practically the same. In the past there has been 'Madagasgar' and 'The Wild', 'Snow White and the Huntsman' and 'Mirror Mirror', 'The Illusionist' and 'The Prestige', and let us not forget the great penguin overload a few years back. It seems like usually whichever on…

Monsters University ~ Good Fun for Everyone

Happy Monday movie lovers! Yesterday I had the great joy of watching 'Monsters University'. Yes, I am a fully grown adult and I went to see a children's movie without any kids. That's just the way I am! What can I say, I'm young at heart.

'Monsters University' is the highly anticipated prequel to 'Monsters Inc.' If you think about it it's really quite genius. 'Monsters Inc.' came out 12 years ago. Say you were 6 when the movie came out, the story would relate to you personally because it's all about a small child. Now, 12 years later, all the 6 year olds are now 18 and getting ready for college and BLAM! 'Monsters University' is there to relate to all your fresh new adult situations. Clever clever Disney-Pixar.

On to the movie itself. 'Monsters University' follows the two protagonists from 'Monsters Inc.', Mike and Sully,  as they adventure their way through college. Naturally, there is plenty of mischief to …

Machete Kills

So today I found the trailer for 'Machete Kills'. It looks SO BAD that I have to blog about it. As you probably have noticed, I don't generally attack movies just for fun so you understand how special an occasion this is.

You should watch the absolutely terrible trailer first.

You probably see what I mean by terrible now. For the heck of it let's look at it a little more closely!

Yes, OH MY GOSH, that's Charlie Sheen. He has decided to use his birth name instead of his stage name. I don't know what he is trying to pull, but it can't be good can it? He either thinks that people are stupid enough to not recognize him with a different name, therefore giving him a clean slate, or that everyone is going to be SO impressed that he is bravely using his ethnic name that we all forget his terrible, terrible history. I suppose he could also just be being crazy again or trying a gauche publicity stunt to publicise a movie that is heavily geared for the Latino audience…

The Family

Hello everyone. Happy Summer! Today I have a trailer for a Comedy, or perhaps a bit of a Dark Comedy. The movie is 'The Family'. It's about a family, who was a part of the mob, that testified for the government and had to go into the Witness Protection Program. This ex-mob family is now hiding out in France and causing trouble. Let's take a look at the trailer.

I might be crazy, but I just love mob movies! This one looks like a lot of fun. Ever so slightly spoofy I'd expect, which I like. I love the way the kids seem to have picked up how to take care of business "the family way". A little extortion here, some bruising there, all in a days work.

The first thing I noticed was Robert De Niro. I love it! Seeing him in a mafia roll never gets old. Of course, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones are cool too, but De Niro wins! Somehow that guy just gets better and better with age.

It's not rated yet but from the looks of things I would guess that it'…

The Butler

I have found a new trailer! It's called 'The Butler'. Trailer first!

The cast alone sells this movie. There are so many big name actors in one place! I know I have to see it! If you are a regular reader you know that I do love a good historical drama that is based on real events. Honestly, I don't see how this movie can really disappoint. It will be heart-wrenching, thought-provoking, and very well acted.

 The only real variable is the story itself. The way I see it is: It must be a story worth telling if they got all those actors together for it.

Anyone else getting a good feeling about this one?

Man of Steel ~ Neither Great Nor Terrible

Last night, a fantastic friend of mine dropped by my house and gave me some early viewing tickets to see 'Man of Steel'.  I felt like an absolute posh person walking past all the people in line for the midnight to go to my theatre at 7 p.m. You have to enjoy the little things in life right? Enough about me, on to the review!

'Man of Steel', as I'm sure you know, is yet another Superman origin story. Everyone is pretty well acquainted with the general idea of this story but they want to keep telling it to us! Well, they did an all right job. The plot wasn't bad but I wasn't invested either. The character development, I felt, was REALLY shallow. Because of this I was kinda 'meh' throughout the film.
Visually, it was very explosive. I couldn't even begin to count how many massive fiery explosions there were. Honestly, it reminded me of the 'Trasnformers' movies because there were SO MANY fight scenes that were just swirling CGI fests that w…

Haute Cuisine

I have a quick trailer post today. Here is 'Haute Cuisine'.

I feel like the trailer give you very little insight into the actual plot though it gives you plenty of information about how the movie will feel. Honestly, I'm not sure whether the primary spoken language is French or English. None the less, I have a good feeling about this trailer. I suppose that's a given, I wouldn't be posting it if I didn't think it would be good!

Boiled down I think that it will be an interesting, charming, fun, and mouthwatering movie. Also, it looks beautiful. If the rest of the film shares the same cinematography then we are in for a treat! Frankly, I have a sweet spot for cooking movies and this definitely fits the bill! I know I'm excited to watch it!

Star Trek Into Darkness ~ Nerd Heaven!

I know I'm a bit delayed on this review. The movie has been out a few weeks but I've been out of town and have only now had the opportunity to go to the theatre. Anyway, here goes!

'Star Trek Into Darkness' is one of those movies I have been anticipating for some time now. As you may remember, I wrote about the trailer when it first came out. I was thoroughly satisfied and frankly overjoyed with this movie! If you are into 'Star Trek' this movie should satisfy any nerdy cravings! Let's get down to business.

Let's start with the characters themselves; they were all very satisfying! Chris Pine seems more confident and comfortable in his role as Kirk, Zachary Quinto rocks it as Spock, and Simon Pegg is the perfect comic relief as Scotty. To my great joy, Uhura WASN'T purely present as a cheap thrill for 13 year old boys. Her character actually got to do some real work and be a valuable team member. Good job Uhura! Of course, the primary question is abou…

Anna Karenina ~ Astounding!

Last night I tore open my Netflix envelope and sat down to watch 'Anna Karenina'. Having read the book, I was expecting to be disappointed, angered, and generally hate every second of the film. I was wrong! This movie was one of the most satisfying 'book to movie' translations I have ever witnessed. Being a person who is nearly never satisfied with Classic Literature in movie form, that's a massive compliment. Let me make some specific points.

I have to start with the cinematography. It was filmed almost like a play. The characters were living out their Russian lives while their surroundings were sets that would swirl and change as they walked from place to place. A lot of the time the characters would be backstage  for a scene or in the audience of the theatre while snooping on what is happening on stage. I expected this to be an over artistic distraction but I really enjoyed it! It made it possible for the story to be abridged to movie length without losing valua…

Michael Caine

Today I want to look at my favorite Michael Caine movies. Michael Caine may be my favorite male actor of all time. There are a lot of people vying for this prestigious spot but I think, when push comes to shove, Michael Caine is victorious. As you probably know, he has been in a lot of movies. He is listed on IMDB as an actor in 157. Very impressive. Of all his films, there are five which are my favorite . Those five films are going to be my topics today.

In a hands down first place is 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'. Maybe it's my favorite because it was the first place I saw Michael Caine or maybe because I watch this movie every Christmas Eve without fail. Either way, it's just fantastic. Michael Caine plays Ebenezer Scrooge and the rest is pretty much Muppets. Everyone already knows the story, it's just a really good rendition. Simple as that!

Next is 'Secondhand Lions'. If you had to describe this movie in one word it would be Whimsical! This is an enchant…