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Oz the Great and Powerful ~ Disappointing!

Here I go again! Yesterday I popped down to the local theatre and watched the incredibly advertised 'Oz the Great and Powerful'! Walking in I was hopeful and optimistic, walking out I was underwhelmed and bored. Not a good transformation if you ask me! As is the case with some of these massive, expensive movies, I think they spent more time, effort, and/or money on the CGI than on the script. I will quit with the generalizations and dive into the details.

Let's start with the story. A con-man magician called Oz rides a hot air balloon through a tornado into the magical world of Oz. Once there the people of the land mistake him for their prophesied wizard and send him on a quest to kill the wicked witch. If he kills the witch he will earn the crown of Oz, the massive king's share of the gold, and the loyalty of all the people. Oz decides to go for it, because he is super greedy, and starts out on a long, long, long adventure. Did I say long? Technically, the running tim…

Warm Bodies

Hello again! Today I am going to talk about 'Warm Bodies'. I watched this movie in the theatre yesterday and was overjoyed at what I saw! As you may remember, I wrote about the trailer a little while ago. I'm glad to say that my good impressions of the trailer were more than accurate. I adored this movie! No joke! Yes, I have a paralyzing fear of zombies, but this movie has SO LITTLE zombie violence that I was able to forget about the fact that the main character was, in fact, dead. Just in case you don't know what the heck I am talking about, 'Warm Bodies' is a zombie comedy where a young male zombie feels some pity or sadness on a young girl while massacring her friends. He than rescues the girl from certain death. The unlikely pair come to understand each other and many adventures follow. The idea is that the zombie is regaining his human emotions and curing himself, and the cure is capable of spreading. All you need is love right?

These are words I have ac…

The Sapphires

All right people! I have found another trailer to be excited about! I know I'm excited. It has my golden combination, period piece based on a true story! This one is very unique though, it's set in 68', in Australia, and is about four aboriginal sisters who want to be professional singers. Try and tell me that doesn't sound interesting! They find a manager who switches their genre from country/western to soul, because that's all they could sell back then I suppose. The lot of them end up in Vietnam singing for the troops. I might be jumping the gun but I think that this is going to be a great movie! If the trailer is an honest representation we are in for a treat. It looks funny, witty, clever, heartfelt, and in all likelihood inspiring! Let's hope for the best! Here is the trailer.

UPDATE: I have since seen the movie and written a review.

'The Internship'

First, I would like to apologise about the massive gap in my post history. Frankly, none of the movie news I have been reading has been interesting enough to write about. You dropped the ball Hollywood!  Anyway, I have hit the twitchy phase in blog withdrawals so I am back! I have a trailer and I am ready to rock-n-roll!

'The Internship'.

So, normally I don't like Owen Wilson/Vince Vaughn movies but this one caught my eye. Honestly, the trailer made me laugh out loud so I am sharing it with you. It has every capability to be either funny and clever or stupid and dirty. I feel like the trailer leans in the witty direction but there are just enough cheap jokes to make me wary. Hopefully, I'm concerned over nothing and this will be a fun, silly movie! The concept is good! There are some good lines and Owen Wilson CAN act if he sets his mind to it. I think Vince Vaughn plays pretty much the same person in every movie, which is probably himself. If it is done well at all, it…