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KIds Can be Cruel

I can hardly believe the capability of people to just be heartless.
Cliques are such a horrible thing, making so many people sad. Don't you hate it when someone says, "Partner up!" and you are the last person chosen?
It is so much worse when you are the last person for months.
Kids can be soooo cruel.
What about when the kids start playing dirty?
When they start spreading rumors?
What if they are trying to crush a person?
It sure stinks to be the person on the "crush" list!
As you can tell I am having social problems.

The Grammys 2007!

I don't usually care about the Grammys but some special people were nominated this time. When I say special people I am talking about Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. Bob Dylan won TWO Grammys one for "Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance" and another for "Best Contempory Folk/Americana Album".
Go Bob! Sadly, he lost one for "Best Rock Song". But he won TWO!!!!!
Tom Petty was nominated twice! Good for him! One that he was nominated for was "Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance" which Bob won.

I think they both did wonderfully! I am happy for them!

Emergency at the Pony Express

It was a hot dusty day at the Pony Express station. There were no packages coming and the riders were getting antsy. Jesse, the youngest rider at age 16, was re-shoeing his pony, and Kale, Jesse’s older brother, was sitting on the porch watching the Texas dust blow.
Jesse stood up, patted the pony and said, “Well Sarah, we are ready to go now.” He then walked to the water barrel and drank a large ladleful, liquid rolling down his shirt.
Kale looked at the horizon and saw two dark silhouette’s approaching.
“Hey Jesse!” Kale hollered, “I think a job’s a- comin’.”
Jesse looked around the corner of the station to see the figures growing by the second. He quickly ate a biscuit, then stood on the porch watching as the men arrived.
The men were obviously military, both wearing navy blue uniforms, their horses were stark black with manes and tales cut short.
“What can we do for you’s today?” Kale asked.
“We need you to deliver a package to Baton Rouge, Louisiana,” one of the men said.