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The Kings of Summer

Hello, movie watchers! I have stumbled upon a new trailer that I think is worth sharing with everyone. Today we are going to be looking at 'The Kings of Summer'. Here is the trailer.

As you can see, Hollywood is taking another whack at the coming of age genre. Good for them because 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' was absolutely terrible and the kids right now need a better story to latch onto. I find in these sorts of stories they have a tendency to get incredibly serious at the end and generally ruin everything. I hope that this movie goes against that trend and is exactly what the trailer makes it look like it is. A funny, witty, dramedy about boys who are at that age where they really want to start managing their own lives. If the movie is like that I get the feeling it will be pretty darn good! It's a cute idea, all these kids run away and live in a shack/house in the woods? I'll be honest, that sounds fun even now and I'm fully grown! It looks unique …

Here Comes the Boom

What can I say about 'Here Comes the Boom'? This movie is not what you expect! If you have seen any of Kevin James' other work you probably think that it will pretty much be like that. It's not. This movie has a very serious attitude. Yes, there are comedy elements and humour throughout, but the primary storyline it taken entirely seriously. 'Here Comes the Boom' is a movie about a schoolteacher, Scott (Kevin James), who decides to take up MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to help bridge the gap in the school's budget and save his friend's job. He is, naturally, a middle-aged school teacher who has only some college wrestling as experience. Through some connections he manages to find a trainer/coach and he is off to the cage.

I expected some comical cage fighting but I was wrong. There are several, hardcore, bloody-faced, 'Rocky' Style fight scenes. Men will like this movie. The balance for that is a heartwarming story of self improvement and renewed ex…

'The Company You Keep' and 'Now You See Me'

Today, I have two new trailers to share with everyone. I am going to start with the one I am particularly excited about. Let's get going!

'The Company You Keep'. A new movie directed and starring Robert Redford. I feel like I could stop there and that would be enough to make me watch this movie. But no there is more. Shia LaBeouf is also in this movie. Now, we all know that Shia has made some pretty bad career choices in the past. 'Indiana Jones 4' and all those wretched 'Transformer' movies have made me doubt his acting and his ability to choose a good script. But he has so much potential! If anyone can take Shia and make him shine it would be Robert Redford. Seriously. On top of all that Sam Elliot is in the movie too! So, before I have even started looking at the plot line I am sold on cast alone. Can you see why I'm so excited? Let's watch the trailer then talk about the story a bit.

See what I mean? It looks great! I love a good suspense movie a…

Day of the Falcon

Hello movie loving people! As you may remember, some time ago I showed you the trailer for the movie 'Day of the Falcon' and had various things to say about it. Well, I have now watched the movie! Let's get started shall we!

'Day of the Falcon' is a movie about two warring tribes in the middle east who, after a brief spell of peace, begin to war again over the discovery of oil on some disputed land. I found this movie to be incredibly interesting. Most people don't think about where their oil comes from or what the extraction of said oil may do to the local population. Honestly, it makes you feel a little ashamed to go fill up your car. Antonio Banderas does a great job throughout the movie. Gold star Banderas!  Banderas is the leader of the tribe that wants to westernize while the other tribe is traditional. I don't want to give away the major plot twists so I am going to stop myself now.

The movie itself is well done. All the costumes, sets, and locations…

Jurassic Park ~ 2013 Re-release in 3D

There are very few movies that can lure me out to the theatre opening day. 'Jurassic Park' in 3D is of them. I have seen 'Jurassic Park' more times than I can count, starting from when I was about 8. It was love at first sight! Naturally, when I heard it was going to be back in the theatres I practically jumped out of my skin! I had never seen it in the theatre before and I wanted to. Well, yesterday my dream was accomplished! Now the question is: How did all the special effects and video quality polishing change the movie? That's what I am going to discuss today.

As it has always been, this movie pulls you in with the very first scene! Muldoon and a crew loading a new raptor into the paddock. Let's just say this; Do you remember all that fear and awe you felt the first time you ever saw that scene? You can have it again. I was stunned by how much more detail there was. Either due to always watching on a small screen or worse picture quality there were details …

The Angels' Share

Okay everyone, I've found another good one! Trailer first.

You see what I mean? You are interested, don't deny it! Unique, quirky, funny, and Scottish! A new father, who is down on his luck, tries to find a way to support his family? Sounds interesting. What are his means for supporting his family? By stealing tiny portions of incredibly expensive whiskey of course. Bingo! They've just found a novel idea. Young Robbie discovers that he has a rare talent for whiskey tasting, so naturally he puts it to 'good' use. From the trailer I would say that this is going to be a feel good movie that makes you happy about life. This movie is so terribly up my alley I can't even express how pleased I am to see that it exists! Heist movie? Good. Rags to riches plot with redemption undertones? Great. Quirky story with what appears to be great writing? Fantastic! Set in Scotland with at least some beautiful scenery? I am SO EXCITED! Keep your eye on this one people!