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My Birthday!

Last weekend I turned sixteen! WOOHOO! For my sixteenth birthday party I went laser tagging. It was great fun. : )

I had a great birthday and I would love to name the gifts that I received.

From my oldest brother I got a Wii classic controller! (Thanks Benny!!!)

From my second oldest brother I got a "Dwarf Supply Crate". Inside the "Crate" was an assortment of things all wrapped in brown paper and cleverly named. These items included... "Kogorans' Special bitter brew, Made by Dwarves for dwarves" AKA Henrys root-beer, an "Officers Award" which was a large glass mug with my name engraved on the front in a pewter plate, "Two day Emergency rations" this was some REALLY good jerky, "After Battle Refreshment" a yummy mint chocolate bar, and last but certainly not least "Advanced Dwarven Tactics Training, Dwarf Eyes ONLY"... Halo 3. : ) (Thank you Joey!!)

My Little Sister got me "Mr. Bean the complete bean" Eve…