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U.S. Open 2008

This year the U.S. Open Men's final consisted of Roger Federer from Switzerland VS. Andy Murray, a young new player, from Scotland. I am a HUGE Roger Federer fan and I am very glad to be able to say than he Won! I am just so happy! It was a good game and Murray gave a pretty good fight.

Let's hear a round of applause for Roger.


Today Roger Federer beat Marat Safin securing him in the finals this Sunday! Tennis being my favorite sport, and Federer being my absolute favorite player I am very happy about this! I can't wait until Sunday when he will play Rafael Nadal, a very talented player!

I am so excited!!!!

Go Federer!!!!!!!!!

Here is a funny commercial he made for Nike...

Happy Day for Me!

Today I watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom on the Crystal skull. I loved it! After all this time Indiana Jones is back! They did a great job making it! : )

Also David Cook won American Idol! He has been my favorite from the beginning!

I am so Happy!

"Music and Lyrics"

This is a music video that is the opening scene to the movie "Music and Lyrics" with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. This music video is a parody of all those hilarious 80's bands. I love the movie AND this music video.

Who am I...

Who are you in the Lord of the Rings
created with

67%Samwise Gamgee
67%Peregrin Took
58%Gandalf the Grey
50%Frodo Baggins
42%Meriadoc Brandybuck

Why I Haven't Been on for a While...

I haven't done a post for... I don't know two months? Well I am just going to say what I have been up to! Mainly I have been helping my parents build an addition on our house! :D I am going to put up some pics of my new room. The room isn't finished yet but it is painted!
                                   This is from the doorway.

                              This is from inside the closet.

                                 And this is just the wall.

Well... thats it!