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Three Wild Cards

Hello, movie lovers! I have three trailers today. They are all incredibly different but they have something in common. The trailers intrigue me but I just can't decide whether or not I think they will be good. Three wild cards.

First I have 'The Railway Man'. Trailer first.

All right. So, it definitely piques my interest but it has the possibility to be so dark. I certain level of darkness is bound to be present but I hope they leave a lot to the imagination. The fact that it is based on a true story, naturally, makes me want to see it ten times more then if it were not. Sadly, I couldn't find a movie rating on the Internet. If it's 'R' we are probably in for some grit and torture. I'm pretty sure curiosity is going to get the best of me, I'll let you know the aftermath!

Next, we have 'Last Days On Mars'. Yes, it's a Sci-Fi movie set on Mars. It's an "Oh no, we aren't alone" running screaming sort of movie. Normally, I …

The Family ~ Too Much

Yesterday, I bopped down to the movie theatre and watched 'The Family'. As you may remember, I was pretty excited about this one. Well, it was underwhelming to say the least. I was expecting a relatively lighthearted comedy that skipped on the line of a Dark Comedy. 'The Family' was more than I bargained for. It was a full fledged Dark Comedy (and I take that word 'Comedy' lightly) that flirted heavily with being gritty. It just went too far.

The story was promising, but it was executed poorly. Instead of following this Ex-Mafia family as they tried to fit in and assume a normal life. What we actually get is to see them brutally, and I mean brutally, maim and torture countless innocent civilians for little to no reason. I understand that it's a Dark Comedy, and violence can be done with an air of comedy, this wasn't that. They just kept going. For example: The daughter starts hitting some boy who was making a pass at her. Okay, that can be funny I guess…

The Young and Prodigious Spivet

Hello all! I have a trailer today. When I found this trailer, I was so thrilled. I felt like I had just discovered buried treasure. It's made by the French in English. So that's why there are French subtitles on the trailer. Here we go!

It's just so charming! The cinematography grabbed my attention and the story grabbed my heart. I feel like the trailer really stands on its own feet. The only real question is Helena Bonham Carter, Hollywood's wild card. I think she'll do great. We all know she is capable of sane, serious roles, and we get to see that I think.

All in all, keep your eyes out for this one! I expect great things!

The Fifth Estate

DOUBLE POST DAY! You may celebrate however you see fit.

I have a trailer that I just couldn't wait to share. 'The Fifth Estate'. Trailer first.

That's right people. WikiLeaks. You may or may not already be aware that this movie is coming. There has been a lot of buzz about it for a long time. I. Am. So. Excited! This movie is so up my alley! I love a good intelligent, political drama. This one is so relevant that the interest is through the roof. Let's break it down shall we?

The acting. Benedict Cumberbatch is Assange. Perfect, I love it. Stanley Tucci appears to be some sort of Washington man. He can pull that off I'm sure. David Thewlis appears to be a friend of Assange. I love that actor so much. I'm totally biased when it comes to Thewlis. As if that wasn't enough Peter Capaldi (The 12th Doctor in 'Doctor Who') and Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley of 'Downton Abbey') are also present. I am overwhelmed by this awesome lineup! I may or may…

Mud ~ Too Many Flaws

Hi all. Last night I watched 'Mud'. I was quite excited for this movie, I even blogged about the trailer. Sadly, the movie didn't quite stand up to the trailer. It's a very strange situation. It's not that it wasn't good, it's that there was too much bad. A shame really.

I'm going to start with the good things. The acting, especially McConaughey, was impressive to say the least. He was gritty and pensive. Surprisingly, he was only shirtless for maybe 5-10 minutes of the film! No, in all seriousness, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about McConaughey's performance. Good job buddy!

Frankly, most all the technical aspects of 'Mud' are great. Cinematography, costumes, and sets etc. It's this fact, the fact that is was so well done in most ways, that makes it such a terrible shame to have its two flaws.

The two flaws! (Dramatic music)

Flaw number one! The completely unnecessary presence of filth in this movie. By filth I mean Porn referen…

The Sapphires ~ A Real Gem (Get it?)

Hello all! I have a movie review for you today. The movie is 'The Sapphires'. As you may remember, I recommended this movie previously in a post. Let's just say I wasn't disappointed!

'The Sapphires'. A movie about four Aboriginal girls in Australia. Three sisters and one cousin. These four girls can sing incredibly well together. They have a few things stacked against them though; They're black in the 1960's and they aren't polished as a music act. They can't do anything about the black bit, but upon meeting an enthusiastic man who agrees to be their manager, their career begins to really grow. This manager switches them from Country/Western music to Soul and teaches them some choreography. Oh, I almost forgot to mention one last thing! They go out to perform for the US troops in Vietnam. That ups the stakes a bit, doesn't it?
This movie is simply great! My favorite thing about it is the characters. They are very unique, believable, and comp…