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I have found a new trailer! I'm pretty excited about this one. It's about the Civil War, which is a very interesting era for me. The movie is 'Copperhead'. It's about the people who lived in the far North who opposed the war and wanted immediate peace. They were called Copperheads because that's a kind of snake. Let's watch the trailer shall we?

This is a bit of a quieter movie. What I mean by that is, there aren't any big name actors, there doesn't appear to be expensive over the top graphics, and the cinematography isn't flashy and trying too hard. Don't get me wrong, the actors they have are good, just not household names. Honestly, I think it might be quite refreshing in a cinematic era of extravagance! The story is unlike any Civil War movie I've ever seen, or any book I've read for that matter. Who knew about a group of Pacifists hiding out in the far North? Intriguing concept for sure!

All in all, I think it will be a good watc…

The Scapegoat

Hi all! I have found a delightful little gem. Today, we will be talking about 'The Scapegoat'. This movie turned out to be an unknown happy surprise hiding in the back of Netflix!

'The Scapegoat' is a movie about two men who, by chance, meet each other and realize that they are exactly identical in appearance. One is from a wealthy aristocratic family who runs a foundry while the other is a poor schoolteacher. Johnny and John, respectively. At first I was expecting a 'Prince and the Pauper' storyline but I was happily surprised! After an evening of chatting and deciding that they have no familial ties, the poor man falls asleep. In the morning he wakes to discover that all of his belongings have been stolen and replaced with the things of the rich man and there is a butler at the door prepared to drive him "home". He is now thrust into the life of his rich counterpart. Naturally, at first he tries to explain what has happened but the entire household …

Captain Phillips

Hello, all! I have found another promising movie to keep on your radar! Today, we are talking about 'Captain Phillips'. Probably, you remember that dramatic incident a few years back, in 2009, with the Somali Pirates. All that business with the hostages and the U.S. Navy was pretty well covered by the news when it happened. Well, if you missed it, there is going to be a movie about it!

What we have here is the true story of a modern day pirate attack on a U.S. vessel. Starring Tom Hanks. To me, that sounds like a recipe for gold! Let's have a look at the trailer.

Looks like we have a well made, intense, action/drama coming our way! I'll be back with more movie news soon. Bye, for now.

UPDATE: I have since seen this movie and written a review.

Ender's Game

Today I stumbled upon this interesting little trailer. Let's watch it first.

This trailer first grabbed my attention with the cast! I'm sorry, but if Harrison Ford is in a movie I am nearly ALWAYS going to watch it. Even besides him there is quite the talented cast. Ben Kingsley and Asa Butterfield are working together again which is fantastic! Asa, as you may remember, was Hugo in 'Hugo'. Those two were a great pair. I don't know if they will interact much in this movie but I'm glad all the same.

That was just the hook for me though. After seeing the trailer, I admit, I'm intrigued! Aliens, outer space, some sort of galactic war; it sounds good to me! As far as I can tell Ford starts training children as soldiers because they are unpredictable to the aliens. A little dark, but I can deal with it. I know it was a very popular book series which means that they should have plenty of material. Frankly, I just have a good feeling about this movie. I hope I'm…

The Company You Keep

Hello, movie loving people. As you may remember, a little while ago I suggested, 'The Company You Keep'. Yesterday, I popped into the local movie theatre and watched it! I have to say, I wasn't disappointed. It was slightly different then I expected, but not in a bad way. I'll go over the details later.

'The Company You Keep' is about a group of four people who, when they were young, were members of The Weather Underground. Essentially, back in the 70's, they took the protest against the Vietnam war too far and it became violent. This particular group robbed a bank and shot a security guard. These people used their resources and smarts to hide away under fake names, successfully, for 30 years. Now, when they are all grown and with children of their own, Susan Sarandon's character decides to turn herself in. What she didn't expect was that a young zealous journalist, Shia LaBeouf, would find the connection between her and Robert Redford. Robert Redfo…

Iron Man 3 ~ Do Not Miss It!

Like the true nerd I am, I rushed out to see 'Iron Man 3' opening day at the very first showing. I had my fair share of reservations and fears swirling around my head as I entered the theatre. Let's be logical, usually by the time a film series makes it to the third installment it's lost a lot of steam! I feared the same may happen with the much loved 'Iron Man' series. Happily, my fears were put to rest and I had two and a half hours of action packed goodness! Let's get into some details.

I'm going to start with the cast and acting. All gold! Of course Robert Downey Jr. was an unbeatable protagonist. All wit, charm, and sarcasm. Fantastic! We were shown a much deeper and more fearful side of Tony Stark as well. Stark is living with the memories of everything that happened in 'The Avengers' and frankly, it freaked him out! Also, there is a lot more time with Stark not in the Iron Man suit. It's really nice to see him using his whip sharp in…

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

It's a beautiful Wednesday morning and I have found another trailer to share with everyone! Today we are going to be looking at 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist'.

I don't know about you, but for me the first words that pop into my head are "Thought Provoking". I know that this film is addressing a very touchy subject for a lot of people but whichever side of the debate you land on, I think 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' will still be incredibly interesting. A Pakistani Muslim comes to the U.S.A. just in time to see the Twin Towers fall? Sounds like an absolute nightmare to me. There is always so much to learn by looking at the world through another set of eyes, and I think 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' could be very interesting.

Apart from the main premise, this movie has two very solid actors: Kiefer Sutherland and Liev Schreiber. I pretty much adore both of these actors. If there is anything we know about both of them it's that they are con…