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'Philomena' and 'One Chance'

Hello all! I have two interesting trailers for you today. They are both based on true stories and they are both British in origin. I have a good feeling about them!

First is 'Philomena'. It contains Dame Judi Dench so you can commence your excitement now! Let's take a peak at the trailer shall we?

It's very promising! It looks well done all the way around plus the story is intriguing, at least for me. I hope it ends well. If it's a nice heartwarming ending I think I'll like it substantially more then if it were to be tragic! That's really the thick and thin of it. I have high hopes!

Second is 'One Chance'. This movie looks so inspiring! Part of my initial positive reaction was the cast. James Cordon AKA Craig from Doctor Who is the star and his father is played by Colm Meaney who will always be O'Brien from 'Star Trek the Next Generation'. Here is the trailer!

Sometimes you just feel like an uplifting movie and I think 'One Chance'…

American Hustle

Good morning everyone! Today I have a trailer. I don't really know what I think about this one. I've been sitting on it for a couple days trying to decide if I want to blog it or not. Obviously, I decided to go for it! The trailer is for a movie called 'American Hustle'.

The cast is so eclectic! Jenifer Lawrence, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner. They are all so good in such different ways! Cooper, Bale, Renner, and Lawrence I absolutely adore! Just thinking about them all on screen together makes me want to squeal like a teenage fan-girl. Frankly, the idea of them all together just seems like a massive, glorious, charisma bomb.
Let's take a look at the trailer now.

It just looks so well done! I can't help myself! I definitely see potential for failure in that trailer but I also see potential for fabulous greatness! I don't know which way it will go. I do know that I was similarly apprehensive about 'Silver Linings Playbook&…

The Fifth Estate ~ A Mind Game

'The Fifth Estate' or as I have been calling it 'The Assange Wikileaks' movie. It came out this weekend and curiosity got the best of me. There was no way I wasn't going to see this movie opening day. I feel like there are an incredible amount of angles with which we could look with this film. It's such a complex topic. I am going to look at it piece by piece.

Storyline first. It's what's most important. The plot is very engrossing. I found myself very interested in what was happening. It doesn't start at the founding of the Wikileaks site but in fact just maybe six or eight months before the big massive leak that happened a few years back. I feel like I have to mention that it is a thinking movie. I could see someone getting bored or confused. That being said, I wasn't ever bored or confused. I did however seriously wonder how accurate it was. Not because it struck me as inaccurate (though there were many moments where I suspected slander) but …


It's a beautiful fall morning and I have a very charming looking trailer for today. The name of the movie is 'Belle' it's a Period Piece, and is set in England. It's based on a true story. Let's take a look shall we?

It looks well done, gorgeous, and thought provoking. All things that I heartily appreciate in a good film. The story is quite unique and I find myself curious about how it will end. The feel of the trailer reminds me of the movie 'Amazing Grace' which tackles a somewhat different angle on the same general topic. If it's anything like that then this will be a good movie!

I can't help but chuckle at the presence of Tom Felton. The Draco Malfoy actor from 'Harry Potter' always seems to play the bad guy. It's a shame really. I'd love to see him play a hero.

All in all, I was charmed just enough by this trailer for me to decide to share it with everyone. I'm rather looking forward to seeing it!

Captain Phillips ~ Magnificent

It's that kind of day again! 'Captain Phillips' has been released, I have rushed out to see it at the very first showing, and now I have plenty to say about it! You may remember that I guessed that it would be pretty great when I blogged about the trailer. Well, I wasn't disappointed, let me put it that way!

'Captain Phillips', as you may already know, is a movie about the real life events that happened a few years back when the Somali Pirates attacked and captured an American freighter. You might remember the story being pasted all over the news. If you followed the story, you probably already know how it ends. That doesn't matter at all. This movie is gripping, chilling, and in some strange way, beautiful. I grew attached to so many character very quickly! Every single scene has you holding your breath, fully involved in what is happening on screen. Truly, when the scene of the pirates boarding the ship came on screen, it was the quietest I've ever he…