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Mes Trois Films Français Préférés

Hello all! I have decided to let you know my three favorite French films. I don't really know why, but I watch a LOT of foreign movies. I could list all the countries but it would be a long, boring list. I have studied the French language for more than 4 years so I have a special soft spot for French language films. There are three that stand out in my memory and I want to recommend them to the world!

First is "Le Papillion" (The Butterfly)

I absolutely adore this movie! It is the story of a slightly grumpy man who, against his wishes, ends up trekking through the French countryside in search of a rare butterfly! Throughout the story you get so very attached to both the characters. Through the ups and downs of their adventure you see them grow attached to one another. Think Disney-Pixar's "Up". It's a similar dynamic. All in all it is a beautiful, heartfelt movie that I would recommend!

Second is "Heartbreaker".

"Heartbreaker" is a r…


Last night I saw 'Taken 2'. I'm not going to talk about that movie because it pretty much delivers exactly as advertised: Fast paced, shooting, explosions, and car chases! Lot's of fun. This post is about one of the trailers I found before the movie started. 'Argo.' I, and I think most people, am very excited when I find a movie that is remotely unique in this world of sequels. I have the distinct feeling that 'Argo' could be fantastic! Here is the trailer then I will discuss a little more.

The first thing I want to say is that I love movie's that are based on true stories. This one is also historically relevant so it's a double whammy. Also, it's set far enough back in time that the set design and clothes etc. will throw a new atmosphere on the whole thing. It's hard to tell from trailers but it LOOKS like Ben Affleck is doing legitimate acting as well, which is always good. To pull all these perks together, the story is just quirky eno…