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Jonas Brothers In Concert!

Last Saturday, June 27, 2009, my family and I saw the Jonas Brothers in concert. It was an amazing night. Honor Society and a Korean band Wonder Girls along with Jordan Sparks opened. Papa Jonas came out and announced them coming out and then it was non-stop screaming from then out! They sang in this order: Paranoid, Poison Ivy, Live to Party, Play My Music, That's just the Way We Roll, Fly With Me, Black Keys, A Little Bit Longer (I cried), Much Better, Year 3000, Tonight, Gotta Find You, Turn Right, When You Look Me In The Eyes, Sweet Caroline, Hold On, B.B. Good, World War Three, Battlefield Featuring Jordan Sparks, Lovebug, S.O.S., Encore was Burnin' Up! And Here are some Pictures.

The tour Bus.

Us by the tour bus. We signed it!

We found a backdrop and had to strike a pose!

It seemed like we waited forever to get our Merch.

Almost next to the boys! I was so excited!

This is the stage moments before they came out!

Kevin, Joe, and Nick singing and playing!

This is me cheering my hea…

New Interest

About a week ago I went and saw "The Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience". Frankly, I only wanted to see the cool "3D". After watching the movie though, the Jonas Brothers scored a new fan.So here is one of my favorite songs in music video form.

And this is another good one.


Jay Leno can be very funny. I especially like Jaywalking. Jaywalking is when he asked normal people easy question and is shocked at how wrong they are.