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Saving Mr. Banks ~ Delightful!

Yesterday afternoon, I walked into my local theatre to watch 'Saving Mr. Banks'. I didn't exactly know what to expect because I had heard some clashing reviews on the subject. I did have high hopes which I expressed in my previous post. I left the theatre about as pleased as I can possibly be with a movie watching experience! I absolutely adore this film!

'Saving Mr. Banks', as you probably know, is the story of how Walt Disney and his team managed to create the beloved 'Mary Poppins' film. A major part of this conquest was convincing the author to sign over the rights to the story! Throughout the movie you watch flashbacks to the authors childhood where the real life inspiration of 'Mary Poppins' takes place. Let me tell you, it is an engrossing and totally immersive situation!

Part of what makes this movie so fantastic is the perfect casting. I loved every single character. I'm not even exaggerating. Paul Giamatti was a true delight every moment he was on screen while Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson each gave another one of their exemplary performances. I really don't want to highlight anyone above the others though! Every employee under Disney was fabulous as well as Colin Farrell and the rest of the flashback crew. I could rave for pages but I will stop now!

There is a serious side to this film. If you cry at movies, this one will most likely get you! But it's a good sad, not a throw your popcorn at the screen sad. It makes sense, so it's okay.

'Saving Mr. Banks' wins on the script! The continuity, wit, and charm all dance together on screen and it's marvelous. I wish it were possible to kiss a script, because this one certainly earned one.

So, basically, I recommend this movie! I think it is a definite two thumbs up, A+, and all the stars. I hope you love it too!


  1. Yes! So glad you liked it! It has so much heart and amazing dialogue! I loved the whole "proper British lady comes to California". I need to go see it again!

  2. "I wish it were possible to kiss a script, because this one certainly earned one." Couldn't agree more!

  3. Jacob and I got to see this one in Disneyland, and oh man was it good! I loved all the characters too, the cast was fantastic!

  4. Dayna, you saw it in Disneyland?! That must have been so magical! Alayna, the whole proper British aspect was very fun! And thank you Cherie!


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