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Spider-Man Homecoming

So, they've done the expected and made yet another Spider-man. To everyone's great relief, it's NOT another origin story. But that still leaves one large question: Is it any good?

In my opinion, yes! For the first time in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), they're exploring teenage Peter Parker, and I for one am grateful! It's a breath of fresh air! Even compared to the myriad of other superhero movies that are overwhelming the box offices, this one is actually fun!

Is it groundbreaking? Does it have a masterful plot? No and no. Will you walk out of the theater and feel like you got your money's worth? Yes!

On all honesty, the worst part of this movie was the clunky attempt to shoehorn Iron Man into the middle of it. I get it, he's a very popular character, but he didn't deserve or need nearly as much time as he was so graciously given. The runtime, that can come to feel a little bloated by the end, could have been delightfully pared down if they'd sacrificed a little RDJ time. That being said, it's a small complaint.

As for the specific things I think most people will appreciate in this movie, there are three!

ONE: This kid is the best Peter,  hands down. They finally got him right! This nerd right here is happy about it. (Me, I'm talking about me)

TWO: Zendaya. That talented young woman is a fantastic and grounding addition to the cast. I have never related to a high school teenager more than I have related to her rendition of MJ.

You do you MJ.

THREE: The villain! Finally, they are branching out from the Green Goblin! Yes I'm aware that they have had a smattering of other villains in the past, but they were all the most common Spider-man enemies. When you are rebooting for the third time, it's nice to see something fresh!

So, in short, it's worth a watch! Don't expect to have your mind blown, but you'll have a good time!


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